Penjing Bonsai Garden   盆景     30 YEARS 
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About Penjing Bonsai Garden
Penjing Bonsai Garden was founded in 1988 by Feng Gu (Gary). Originally from Shanghai, China--Gary learned the art of bonsai from his grandfather and has carried on the art here in Florida. Gary likes to use natural shape by pruning technique and tends to stray away from wiring to keep the natural form of the bonsai trees. 

Penjing Bonsai Garden provides a wide variety of bonsai trees--from beginner trees to specimens. These trees are suitable for anyone from beginners to the experienced bonsaist. With Gary's experience and expertise--he will help you choose a beautiful new addition to your home or garden based on your experience and the living conditions that you are searching for in your home. 

Our services include the selling of a wide variety of bonsai, re-potting of trees, babysitting and care of bonsai and trees, we sell bonsai pots & supplies, and Gary also holds a class for teaching everything from basic technique to detailed styling of bonsai. Gary sometimes also supplies oriental landscaping services, rock gardens, zen gardens, and koi ponds with waterfalls as well.
Feng (Gary) & Nina Gu
and Henry